About us

Environmental Policy

As Pres-san;
We have created our "Environmental Policy" to determined to develop all environmental pollution prevention targets and to demonstrate this will.

Environmental policy of our organization has been accepted and committed to prevent the environmental impact of our products and the pollution of the environment, to make continuous monitoring and measurement for this purpose, to document, implement, maintain, and to be open to public scrutiny.

In this context, we aim to set targets that will continuously improve our company and our environmental management system, and review these targets at the meetings we will hold, and provide employees with a healthy, safe and clean work environment.

The purpose of our environmental policy is our sensitivity to the environment. This sensitivity is adopted by all our employees. For this purpose;

  • To prioritize the protection of the environment and human health,
  • Reducing the effects of solid, liquid, gas waste and noise released to the environment,
  • Not to disturb our neighbors,
  • Investigating possibilities for recycling and disposing wastes in an environmentally friendly way,
  • To carry out the necessary activities and periodic trainings in order to develop environmental awareness among the employees,
  • Carrying out all the works in accordance with environmental laws, bylaws and regulations,
  • To minimize the damage to the environment by taking all measures that can be taken regarding the environment,