We manufacture conveyor rollers, transoms and conveyor spare parts that industry needs all over the world.


In all processes, we are a reliable and sought-after company that fully meets the needs and expectations of the customer.


We closely follow and implement technological developments to reduce costs and increase profitability.


We raise the level of quality by giving importance to teamwork so that employees can use their talents at the highest level.


In order to represent our country in the best way in the world, we carry abroad; our technical, administrative and financial savings.

What is the conveyor?

The conveyor is a closed-circuit device that allows any load to be transported from one point to another.

Transportation, in the meaning of the word; from the shortest path between two points of a load, it is the process of transferring with the most reliable and minimum energy consumption.

What is the conveyor roller?

Conveyor rollers are where the load can be transported on rolls regardless of the propulsion transfer system.

According to the working principles; They are classified in two groups as “powered rollers” and “idler rollers”. Conveyor rollers are constantly connected to each other with the help of transfer elements such as chains or belts.

Main features of the products

No maintenance required


Our works with "Eti Maden" continues at full speed

As a result of our works with "Eti Maden", we sent 54 more products with different types.

We attended İzmir Minex Fair

We took our place as a participant in the 8th Mining, Natural Resources and Technologies Fair MINEX held in Izmir.

We opened our laboratory

To provide you better service, we opened our test laboratory where we perform the checks and analyzes.
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