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Pres-san Makina İmalat Sanayi
PRES-SAN: Move with experience, carry with confidence.

Pres-San was founded in 1985 by İsmail GÖKTÜRK. From past to present, we have been manufacturing conveyor rollers, drums, stations and equipment with high usability, durability and quality for the bulk transportation sector and automation systems in our factory with 7500 m2 closed and 1500 m2 open area. By adding the automation system for rolls and robotic resources for stations to our inventory in mid-2022, we have increased our production capacity from 1,000,000 units per year to 2,000,000 products.

We manufacture conveyor rollers, stations and conveyor spare parts that industry needs all over the world.



1,000,000 units
Production capacity
Flexible Manufacturing

Quality is a moral philosophy. -Armand V. Feigenbaum

Our vision

We offer solutions and suggestions that are creative, sustainable, and consider the environment and human health to customer needs, and we aim to be preferred primarily in global markets and to be the most valuable company in our class in Turkey.

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From yesterday to today


Ostim Industrial Zone 200 m2


İvedik Organized Industrial Zone 2025 m2


Sincan Organized Industrial Zone 7000 m2 closed 2000 m2 open

As Pres-san; in an understanding that fully meets the needs and expectations of the customer in all processes,

  • To be a reliable and sought-after company,
  • To follow and apply technological developments closely in order to reduce costs and increase profitability,
  • To continuously increase the quality level by giving importance to teamwork so that all employees become more competent and able to use their talents at the highest level within the framework of quality systems,
  • To establish quality, environment and occupational safety awareness in all employees,
  • To cooperate with suppliers and suppliers based on trust,
  • To carry our current technical, administrative and financial knowledge abroad to serve the purpose of making the name of our company and Turkey more known to the world,
  • To prevent the inconveniences that may arise later by producing the most appropriate, most accurate and most economical solutions in the fastest way,
  • To complete every project started on time, with the highest level of techniques, in full compliance with the project, in the desired quality and within the budget limits,
  • To be an exemplary organization that respects the society and the environment we live in, and to contribute to the country's economy by constantly improving its business volume.

"Our quality policy" we determined.

As Pres-san; is determined to develop all environmental pollution prevention targets and to demonstrate this will  “Our Environmental Policy” we created.

Our organization; It has accepted and committed as an environmental policy to prevent the impact of our products on the environment and pollution of the environment, to carry out continuous monitoring and measurement for this purpose, to document, implement, maintain our work, and to keep it open to public review.

In this context, we aim to set targets that will continuously improve our company and our environmental management system, to review these targets in our meetings, and to provide a healthy, safe and clean work environment to our employees.

The essence of our environmental policy is our sensitivity to the environment. This sensitivity is adopted by all our employees. For this purpose;

  • To prioritize the protection of the environment and human health,
  • To reduce the effect of solid, liquid, gaseous wastes and noise released to the environment,
  • Not to disturb our neighbors,
  • To search for opportunities to recycle and to dispose of wastes in a way that does not harm the environment,
  • To carry out the necessary activities and periodic trainings to improve the environmental awareness of the employees,
  • All work carried out in accordance with environmental laws, regulations and regulations,
  • We aim to minimize the damage to the environment by taking all possible precautions regarding the environment.

As Press-san;

  • To effectively monitor the measures and activities to be taken for the occupational health and safety of all employees and visitors and to prevent work accidents,
  • To ensure the implementation of occupational health and safety practices at national and international levels within the organization and to instill awareness of this practice in all company employees by determining policies, procedures and instructions in this context,
  • Identifying and defining all risks within the scope of company activities, performing risk assessments and setting targets to reduce the risk level,
  • To create a controlled, safe, well-equipped and healthy work area,
  • To provide OHS training for all company employees and to improve our employees' awareness and satisfaction in the field of Occupational Health and Safety,
  • To set targets for participation at all levels in risk assessment and risk reduction activities,
  • By prioritizing the health of all our personnel and setting the goal of "zero work accidents and zero occupational diseases" as a permanent goal, we have established a people-oriented, sustainable PRES-SAN LTD. ŞTİ. We will work devotedly by creating

We commit.

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